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Checkpoint Stimulator


     1) Reliably locate nerves in altered anatomy or any time nerves are at risk


        • Map location of nerve through tissue.
        • Localize nerve tissue obscured by s
carring, tumor and bone.
        • Biphasic stimulation allows user to safely stimulate nerve repeatedly and continuously without diminished response


     2) Evaluate nerve and muscle function for surgical decision-making


        • Determine stimulation threshold for motor response.
        • Test for changes in nerve function throughout the procedures.
        • Evaluate for over-tensioning of nerve tissue.
        • Stimulate muscle to evaluate excursion in tendon and free muscle transfers.

     3) Confidently identify motor nerves during surgical exposure


       • Confirm whether a tissue structure is or is not a nerve.
       • Definitive confirmation with tetanic contraction.
       • Identify individual fascicle groups with
in a nerve.

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