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THD Revolution


  • What is THD Revolution?


THD procedure: an innovative solution for haemorrhoid treatment. THD Lab's pool of technicians, experts and specialists has developed the THD procedure: a cutting-edge surgical technique for haemorrhoid treatment.

The THD procedure is the result of a long experience in operating theatres, of thorough research and of technological advances. This is why it is one of the most effective solutions to haemorrhoids.


THD is an effective answer to the problems associated with haemorrhoidal disease.
Haemorrhoid sufferers know the severe consequences of this disease very well: bleeding, prolapse of the rectal mucosa and the pain ensuing from a surgery performed with conventional methods.


The THD procedure addresses and solves these problems effectively: through haemorrhoidal artery ligation, it reduces the arterial inflow to the piles and repairs the prolapse, if any, by performing haemorrhoidopexy, thus repositioning haemorrhoidal cushions.

The procedure is performed in an area where no nerve endings are found, thus considerably reducing the main problem associated with conventional surgical methods: PAIN.


Operations performed with the THD procedure are minimally invasive, since they do not imply any excision of tissue, and absolutely safe.

The THD procedure is a cutting-edge method for haemorrhoid treatment, which revolutionizes the surgical approach to haemorrhoids: it ensures maximum effectiveness of results, while minimizing the levels of invasiveness, pain and stress for patients.


  • How?


The THD procedure is performed by proctological surgeons with a special equipment which allows them to identify with great accuracy and safety the areas in which the procedure needs to be performed.


  • Where?


Nowadays this new procedure is adopted in several medical centres and hospitals. On this website you can find further information on the procedure, as well as answers to any questions you may have.

To receive more info on THD procedure and where it is performed, please click here.


  • When?


THD is the minimally invasive procedure for treating piles also for severe cases, which cause more trouble to haemorrhoid sufferers.
Nevertheless, it is up to the proctologist to decide whether the necessary conditions to perform this procedure are met.


  • Before and after?


Before performing the procedure. After the proctologist has recommended an operation, the THD procedure can be performed. This procedure ensures ultimate safety and comfort both while preparing patients for the operation and during the post-operative period.

After performing the procedure. Patients experience considerable pain reduction in the post-operative period compared to other haemorrhoid treatments. They can feel heavy and uncomfortable though. This feeling gradually disappears after a few days and can be kept under control by taking ordinary painkillers. No serious complications usually arise: slight bleeding may occur, which is supposed to stop after a few hours. Patients may also feel an urgent need to defecate: this is a temporary condition too, since it is associated with the repair of the prolapse. In most cases THD can be considered a permanent solution to haemorrhoids, since relapses are very rare.

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