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LiNA PowerBlade™ is a bipolar forceps with an active bipolar cutting electrode


This superior multifunctional single use instrument offers 4 functions in one:

  • Dissecting

  • Grasping

  • Bipolar Coagulation

  • Bipolar Cut


The LiNA PowerBlade can be used together with most standard bipolar electrosurgical units, hence eliminating the need for additional capital equipment investment.


Outstanding features


In this section you can learn more about the outstanding features and advantages:


Simplicity – No capital equipment investment is required


  1. Compatible with most standard bipolar electrosurgical units.

  2. The LiNA PowerBlade is an all-in-one instrument designed for grasping, dissecting, coagulating and cutting.


Versatile – Broad range of applications


  1. 5mm and a 10mm versions for laparoscopy as well as short 5 and 10mm versions for open surgery.

  2. Curved jaws available for the 5mm PowerBlade.

  3. Wide range of functions: grasping, dissecting, coagulating and cutting.


Precise – Unique bipolar power blade cutting function


  1. Electrosurgical current passes through the tissue between the cutting electrode/blade and the jaws.

  2. Bipolar electrosurgical cut with coagulation along the surface of the cutting blade ensures a reduction in bleeding compared to conventional knife blade instruments.

  3. The bipolar electrode/blade never goes dull and the patented design allows for bipolar transection of the tissue.


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